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Discovery Lapis Collar
  • Discovery Lapis Collar

    SKU: DISC06

    Solid sterling silver collar set with two large triangular cut blue Lapis Lazuli stones and finished with three removable silver chains. This piece was designed to be adapatble to the wearer and can be worn as just a collar on its own, or accentuaded by adding the individual chains to the subtle hooks at the back of the triangular settings.


    Measures approximately:


    Silver collar approximately: 14inches in circumference

    Shorter silver trace chain: 15cm

    Medium silver satelitte chain: 23cm

    Long silver trace chain: 30cm 


    This collar is shaped by hand and will gently mold to the wearers neck.


    Each natural lapis lazuli stone is hand selected and set and  the collar is hallmarked discretley on the back.


    Perfect unique design for special occasions.



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